IbPRIA 2015 image number 4
IbPRIA 2015: 7th Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis
Santiago de Compostela, Spain. June 17-19
Technical Program
June 16 (CITIUS)
08:30-09:00Tutorials registration
CITIUS-Assembly Hall
Tutorial 1 - part 1: Deep Learning
Jan Koutnik
11:00-11:30Coffee break
CITIUS-Assembly Hall
Tutorial 1 - part 2: Deep Learning
Jan Koutnik
13:30-15:00Break for Lunch
CITIUS-Assembly Hall
Tutorial 2 - part 1: Variational Methods for Computer Vision
Daniel Cremers
17:00-17:30Coffee break
CITIUS-Assembly Hall
Tutorial 2 - part 2: Variational Methods for Computer Vision
Daniel Cremers

June 17 (Conference Venue)
08:00-08:45Conference registration
room Santiago/Cambados
Opening session
room Santiago/Cambados
Invited talk: Direct and Dense 3D Reconstruction from Autonomous Quadrotors
Daniel Cremers
room Santiago/Cambados
Oral Session 1: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning 1
Chair: Luisa Micó
room Obradoiro
Poster/Demo Session 1 | Coffee break: Applications
Chair: David Vázquez
room Santiago/Cambados
Oral Session 2: Computer Vision 1
Chair: Fernando Vilariño
room Santiago/Cambados
Oral Session 3: Image and Signal Processing 1
Chair: Filiberto Pla
room Obradoiro
Poster/Demo Session 2 | Coffee break: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
Chair: Petia Georgieva
room Santiago/Cambados
Oral Session 4: Applications 1
Chair: M. Inés Torres
19:30-21:30 Welcome Social Event (Tapas Tour)

June 18 (Conference Venue)
room Santiago/Cambados
Invited talk: Towards Affordable Self-driving Cars
Raquel Urtasun
room Santiago/Cambados
Oral Session 5: Medical Image
Chair: Arno Formella
room Obradoiro
Poster/Demo Session 3 | Coffee break: Image and Signal Processing
Chair: María Vanrell
room Santiago/Cambados
Oral Session 6: Computer Vision 2
Chair: Petia Radeva
room Santiago/Cambados
Oral Session 7: Image and Signal Processing 2
Chair: Joao Sanches
room Obradoiro
Poster/Demo Session 4 | Coffee break: Computer Vision
Chair: Victor Brea
room Santiago/Cambados
Oral Session 8: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning 2
Chair: Luis F. Teixeira
room Santiago/Cambados
AERFAI Meeting
21:00 Conference Dinner and prize awarding (Hostal dos Reis Católicos)

June 19 (Conference Venue)
room Santiago/Cambados
Invited talk: Visual illusions: sometimes it is better not to see the truth!
Jesus Malo
room Santiago/Cambados
Oral Session 9: Applications 2
Chair: Francisco Casacuberta
Coffee break
room Santiago/Cambados
Oral Session 10: Computer Vision 3
Chair: Alberto Sanfeliú
room Santiago/Cambados
Closing Session and announcement of the venue for IbPRIA 2017

Oral sessions
Sessionpaper id
1Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning 1

Spatiotemporal Stacked Sequential Learning for Pedestrian Detection 50

Social Signaling Descriptor for Group Behavior Analysis 110

A New Smoothing Method for Lexicon-based Handwritten Text Keyword Spotting 56

Empirical Evaluation of Different Feature Representations for Social Circles Detection 75
2Computer Vision 1

Object Discovery using CNN Features in Egocentric Videos 9

Prototype Generation on Structural Data using Dissimilarity Space Representation: A Case of Study 15

Estimation and Tracking of Partial Planar Templates to Improve VSLAM 67
3Image and Signal Processing 1

New method for obtaining optimal polygonal approximations 37

Noise Decomposition Using Polynomial Approximation 105

Color correction for image stitching by monotone cubic spline interpolation 28

Structured Output Prediction with Hierarchical Loss Functions for Seafloor Imagery Taxonomic Categorization 38
4Applications 1

Improving the Minimum Description Length Inference of Phrase-Based Translation Models 35

A Kinect-based System for the Upper-Body Function Assessment in Breast Cancer Patients 1

Arabic Writer Identification Using Local Binary Patterns (LBP) of Handwritten Fragments 40
5Medical Image

Robust 3D Active Shape Model for the Segmentation of the Left Ventricle in MRI 58

Kernel-based Feature Relevance Analysis for ECG Beat Classification 59

Spatial-dependent Similarity Metric supporting Multi-Atlas MRI Segmentation 64

Color Detection in Dermoscopy Images Based on Scarce Annotations 66
6Computer Vision 2

Human Centered Scene Understanding based on 3D Long Term Tracking Data 14

Fast Head Pose Estimation for Human-Computer Interaction 74

Structured Light System Calibration for Perception in Underwater Tanks 118
7Image and Signal Processing 2

Escaping Path Approach with Extended Neighborhood for Speckle Noise Reduction 100

Adaptive Line Matching for Low-Textured Images 23

Unsupervised approximation of digital planar curves 7

On the Modification of Binarization Algorithms to Retain Grayscale Information for Handwritten Text Recognition 17
8 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning 2

Source-Target-Source Classification using Stacked Denoising Autoencoders 99

On the Impact of Distance Metrics in Instance-based Learning Algorithms 130

Multi-class Boosting for Imbalanced Data 96
9Applications 2

A Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Fingerprint Segmentation 43

Word-Graph based Applications for Handwriting Documents: Impact of Word-Graph Size on their Performances 73

Temporal Segmentation of Digital Colposcopies 107

Goal-driven Phenotyping through Spectral Imaging for Grape Aromatic Ripeness Assessment 70
10Computer Vision 3

Dense 3D SLAM in Dynamic Scenes using Kinect 124

Scene recognition invariant to symmetrical reflections and illumination conditions in robotics 134

System for Medical Mask Detection in the Operating Room through Facial Attributes 98

Poster/Demo sessions
Sessionpaper/demo id

Clustering of Strokes from Pen-based Music Notation: An Experimental Study 26

ImageAnalysis-based Automatic Detection of Transmission Towers using Aerial Imagery 41

A sliding window based word spotting based on word attributes 103

Combining Statistical and Semantic Knowledge for Sarcasm Detection in Online Dialogues 112

Estimating Fuel Consumption from GPS Data 120

A Bag-of-phonemes Model for Homeplace Classification of Mandarin Speakers 2

A Gaussian Process Emulator for Estimating the Volume of Tissue Activated During Deep Brain Stimulation 39

Genetic Seam Carving: a Genetic Algorithm Approach for Content-Aware Image Retargeting 108

Analysis of Expressiveness of Portuguese Sign Language Speakers 111

Automatic Eye Localization; Multi-block LBP .Vs Pyramidal LBP three-levels image decomposition for eye visual appearance description 81

Clinical evaluation of an automatic method for segmentation and characterization of the thoracic aorta with and without aneurysm patients 44

Combined MPEG7 Color Descriptors for Image Classification: By passing the Training Phase 116

Adaptative Whitening Saliency (AWS) model Web Demonstratordemo 2

A multi-platform graphical software for determining reproductive parameters in fishes using histological image analysisdemo 4

Scene and keyframe selection for interactive video browsing and re-usedemo 11

Computer Assisted Transcription and Indexing of Handwritten Historical Documentsdemo 13
2Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Spectral Clustering using Friendship Path Similarity 45

R-Clustering for Egocentric Video Segmentation 60

Applying Basic Features from Sentiment Analysis for Automatic Irony Detection 88

Exploiting the Bin-Class Histograms for Feature Selection on Discrete Data 115

Time-Series Prediction based on Kernel Adaptive Filtering with Cyclostationary Codebooks 122

Latent Topic Encoding for Content-based Retrieval 80

Dissimilarity-based Learning from Imbalanced Data with Small Disjuncts and Noise 20

Binary and multi-class Parkinsonian disorders classification using Support Vector Machines 55

Peripheral Nerve Segmentation Using Speckle Removal and Bayesian Shape Models 68

Measuring Scene Detection Performance 71

Threshold of Graph-based Volumetric Segmentation 16

Brain Neural Data Analysis with Feature Space Defined by Descriptive Statistics 34

Extremely Overlapping Vehicle Counting 49

Sentence clustering using continuous vector space representation 65

Online Learning of Stochastic Bi-automatom to model Dialogues 86

Single-channel separation between stationary and non-stationary signals using relevant information 128

ShapeWiz Demonstrationdemo 3

Source-Target-Source Classification using Stacked Denoising Autoencodersdemo 8

Multibiometrics on mobile devicesdemo 12
3 Image and Signal Processing

Fast Simple Linear Iterative Clustering by Early Candidate Cluster Elimination 18

Pectoral Muscle Segmentation in Mammograms based on Cartoon-Texture Decomposition 25

PPG Beat Reconstruction Based on Shape Models and Probabilistic Templates for Signals Acquired with Conventional Smartphones 92

Peripheral nerves segmentation in Ultrasound Images Using Non-linear Wavelets and Gaussian Processes 97

Improving Diffusion Tensor Estimation using Adaptive and Optimized Filtering based on Local Similarity 46

Dimension reduction of hyperspectral image with rare event preserving 93

Machine vision-based defect inspector prototype for pv cells based on saliency and texture featuresdemo 5

From temporal segmentation of Digital colonoscopies to cervical cancer detectiondemo 7

Interactive automatic transcription of music from audio to scoredemo 10
4 Computer Vision

A new trajectory based motion segmentation benchmark dataset (UdG-MS15) 22

Escritoire: a Multi-Touch Desk with e-Pen Input for Capture, Management and Multimodal Interactive Transcription of Handwritten Documents 48

Person Enrollment by Face-Gait Fusion 78

Homographic class template for logo localization and recognition 109

Multimodal Object Classification using Random Clustering Trees 135

Videogrammetry system for wind turbine vibration monitoring 136

Canonical views for scene recognition in mobile robotics 137

Crater Detection in Multi-Ring Basins of Mercury 121

Iterative Versus Voting Method to Reach Consensus Given Multiple Correspondences of Two Sets 5

Extracting Categories By Hierarchical Clustering Using Global Relational Features 24

A Calibration Algorithm for Multi-camera Visual Surveillance Systems Based on Single-View Metrology 87

3D reconstruction of low-textured objects by using line matching and recognition of coded targets in imagesdemo 1

3D pedestrian detection via random forestdemo 6

A Prototype for MultiDisplay Interaction with Natural Light EyeTrackersdemo 9