IbPRIA 2015 image number 1
IbPRIA 2015: 7th Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis
Santiago de Compostela, Spain. June 17-19

The participants in the contests may (but do not need to) submit a paper to IbPRIA. The paper will go through a standard revision process (with special submission deadline March 20, 2015 and notificacion of acceptance March 22, 2015 ).

There are two constests with particular conditions discribed below. Participants have to sbmit results to corresponding organizers. Important Dates:


A spectacular growth of indoor localization studies has been witnessed during the last decade, and the WLAN-based ones is the basis for many indoor localization approaches. However, there is a lack of comparatives studies testing several IPS using a common dataset. In this competition, we propose to use of the UJIIndoorLoc Database multi-building multi-floor database to compare different indoor localization methodologies.

Detailed information regarding this database can be found in:

Visit the contest web page for more information about scheduling and how to participate.

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SURVMANTICS contest aims at exploring new challenges for activity understanding in a realistic surveillance scenario with new classes embedded into a sociological principled way that stretch the connection between Computer Vision and Sociology. By setting up this challenge we intent to promote the development of algorithms that account and learn different notions of social psychology, such as relational connections among people, focus of attention, geometric scene constraints, proxemics-based distances, among others. Our goal is to establish a new and common benchmarking to characterize individual and collective human behavior in a social context.

Participants in the contest must be registered in order to get the credentials to download the dataset and to be able to submit the results.

Detailed information about this competition can be found in the contest web page.

Important Dates
Training Set Release (ground-truth data including bounding boxes, gaze orientation, I.P./G.B labels, objects of interest, and image points for ground plane homography) December 05, 2014
Submission March 20, 2015 (tentative)
Notification of Individual Results April 20, 2015 (tentative)
Notification of Winners June 19, 2015 (at the conference)